Anti ragging cell

Shree Agrasen Mahavidyalaya Campus is a ragging free campus. The Institute practices a zero tolerance to any kind of ragging in campus which is ensured through closed monitoring by anti-Ragging Committee. Students will refrain from ragging of any kind and those who violate this rule will be instantly suspended from the college for a period of one week. The matter will be placed before the Anti-Ragging Committee, which will review the incident of ragging and take action according to the due process o law. Students must take rote that ragging results in their dismissal from the college.

1 Shri Chaitu Singha Non-Teaching Representative
2 Shri Sanjib Chakraborty Non-Teaching Representative
3 Shri Ramkishore Barman Teacher Representative, G.B
4 Shri Raghbendra Ray Member Secretary
5 Shri Sanat Kumar Adhikary Co-ordinator , IQAC
6 Dr. Jayeeta Basu Teacher-in-Charge