Student Facilities


1) Free Studentship – To promote education among the backward community the College provides free studentship to 5% of the total intake depending on their annual family income. Students who do not get any scholarship from any Government Scheme are eligible to enjoy the Free Studentship in the College.


2) Health Home – There is a Health Home in college where the students automatically get enrolled after their admission. The Students’ Health Home provides them not only the health services but also educates them about the critical health problems that prevail over the society.


3) Canteen – There is a small canteen in the college. Although it is small but of much utility. Students enjoy food and have their special gossiping sessions near the Canteen. Besides studies students can relish food and have fun amongst themselves


4) National Service Scheme – There is an NSS Unit in the college to involve and encourage the students in social work. The NSS unit makes them acquainted with social problems and responsibilities and also encourages them to get actively involved in various types of activities.


5) Sports and Games – Sports and Games are two special attractions of Shree Agrasen Mahavidyalaya. There is a lush green land where students enjoy different types of Sports and Games activities. .


6) College Magazine - Every Department of the college puts up an Annual Wall Magazine highlighting the present trends of the respective subject and its utility in our daily life. The Students’ Union of the College takes the initiative to publish the Annual Magazine “ Bonojonova” with the spontaneous participation and cooperation of the college students.


7) Students’ Welfare Cell - This Cell is formed with the student representatives from the Students’ Union and the Cell functions in an organized way for the welfare of the College students. There is a teacher representative for monitoring the activities of the Cell.