As the institution is situated in the most backward district and moreover in the educationally backward block of West Bengal, the vision of the institute is to become one of the best educational institutions catering to the rural students’ need of higher education, run along the ideals of man making education propounded by Swami Vivekananda. 




  • To provide opportunities for all round development of the local youth irrespective of religious, races, castes and gender. The college also aims to provide a high standard of higher education to all its students.
  • To offer adequate opportunities to the meritorious in pursuit of advanced categories of education.
  • To develop in the students healthy knacks and awareness through different campus activities, academic, cultural, social and recreational.
  • To provide all sorts of support and assistance to people of the area by utilizing the infrastructure and faculty of the college.
  • To provide for the basic higher education to the deserving students both of the backward communities and general category.
  • To aware the society regarding human rights, communal harmony, health awareness and cleanliness of environment.